Turn your lifelong dream event into a reality.

Hello, prospective brides and grooms! Exciting change is all around us we dive deeper into the 2016 wedding season. After much deliberation and time away from accepting new clients to facilitate planning, the Downtown Venue Group is no longer exclusive to Park Place. This year, we are ramping up our creative teamwork to provide our services exclusively on-the-go.

How does this work? The Downtown Venue Group will be the middle-man and consulting planner with the venue of your choice. This means you get it all – the venue of your choice and a perfectly crafted, custom wedding of your dreams – all stress free! Don’t have a venue in mind? No worries – we can offer suggestions on venues that are more than willing to host your special day. We can customize your wedding to match your personality – including all of the beautiful linens, tables, chair, arbors, chandeliers, props, speciality lighting, centerpiece decorations, and more.

The Downtown Venue Group is extremely excited about these changes and would love to answer any questions you may have with our new approach. As always, we look forward to helping you make your dream a reality.